🎲 More Than Robots #78 June 2024

“June suns, you cannot store them.” A.E. Housman

“June suns, you cannot store them.” A.E. Housman

📖 Research

Early Childhood and Digital Media

It is critical to understand both the immediate, momentary factors that relate to media decisions and processes in real-time and the longer-term, bidirectional associations between media use and parent and child factors within the family context

Putting children’s voices at the heart of online safety regulation

“Young people should be at the forefront of decision-making. We are the experts in our own lives. It must be Ofcom and tech companies’ duty to listen to young people and our experiences.”

Constant Companion: A Week in the Life of a Young Person's Smartphone Use

Young people's phone use patterns vary significantly from each other, and the unique way that smartphones interweave into a young person's day feels personal.

Adolescent Digital Self-Harm Over Time: Prevalence and Perspectives

Overall, the prevalence of digital self-harm has been increasing over time, and changes in demographic influences were observed.

Briefing paper: AI in the family justice system

Effective governance is required to ensure that challenges are successfully addressed, allowing any gains to be realised in a way that does not undermine public trust, professional accountability or access to justice.

Child Appropriate Game Design

Our analysis found that ideas about age “appropriateness” are socially constructed and vaguely defined. See also: The Media Ratings Project Report: A Cross-Cultural and Cross-Media Comparative Analysis

🧰 Resources


A free mobile coding app developed by the Lifelong Kindergarten group at MIT Media Lab

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

A new learning series form Good Things Foundation to demystify AI for beginners

Image Accessibility Creator

Easily create full alt text for images using AI image to text


Get an AI-free Google search

🗳Take part

Every story matters

Share personal experiences of the pandemic with the UK Covid-19 Inquiry see also: Capturing children and young people's experiences

💡Inspiration and opinion

If you hear a wolf howl

I am not arguing everything should be upended on the basis of a single bad or unfortunate incident with an App but we should not be so quick to dismiss those who do demand an immediate response.

Meet My A.I. Friends

I tested six apps and created 18 A.I. characters. I named each of my A.I. friends, gave them all physical descriptions and personalities, and supplied them with fictitious back stories. I sent them regular updates on my life, asked for their advice and treated them as my digital companions. See also "The Wind and the Song" Pt. 1: The Treachery of A.I. Images

Addressable Space

You may not notice in everyday life when a building you walk into is constructed of words and numbers in addition to bricks and mortar.


The problem is that when we pay too much attention to our tools, rather than how they are developed and deployed, we fail to understand our reality.

…and finally

A summary of the challenge facing the next government

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