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Hello world;
Welcome to the introduction edition of More Than Robots...

Questions you may have...

What is this?
This is first Digital Participation Meet Up update using a using a new mailing list system.
It builds on previous Digital Participation emails that you received but the new format is hopefully a little neater and scalable. (Future issues won't have all this at the start.)

Why am I getting this?
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OK, so what next?
The plan is to send one update a month with resources, research and other useful stuff that is loosely related to digital engagement and youth support. In between emails, links will be added on Slack and twitter. The meet up events will continue once a quarter. All plans are subject to change...

Can I share things? Can I invite others?
If you have anything interesting to share just drop me a line or add it on Slack
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Why More Than Robots?
Some thoughts on emerging technology and young people

More Than Robots #0 / Dec 17

New things

BBC Own It
A new website to help 9-12 year olds get the most out of their time online. Lots of great video content.
Also: BBC launched a schools programme to address 'fake news'

The Observatory for a Connected Society
An app and platform to access the latest research, analysis and thinking on the impact of digital technologies, services and tools on society

Messenger Kids
The new Facebook app for under 13s
Also: A review by Common Sense Media

Prof. Sonia Livingstone responds to the internet safety strategy green paper


Children and parents: media use and attitudes report 2017
Ofcom's annual report about youth digital trends and behaviours

Project deSHAME: Digital Exploitation and Sexual Harassment Among Minors in Europe
31% of girls aged 13-17 years have received unwanted sexual messages online from their peers - compared to 11% of boys

‘Digital Childhood: Addressing Childhood Development Milestones in the Digital Environment’
How growing up in the digital environment directly impacts on a child’s development trajectory.

What did we do when the Internet wasn’t around?
A study of how young people used their free time from 1999 to 2011

The Limits of Automated Social Media Content Analysis
The capabilities, limitations and risks of tools for analyzing social media posts


Parent/Child friendly terms and conditions for the top 5 social media sites

Dos and don'ts on designing for accessibility - 6 downloadable posters

Inspiration and opinion

How Bitcoin mania is melting the planet

Facebook teaches AI to seek out suicidal users

Accessibility and Me / A series of interviews with people with access needs

The tech industry needs a moral compass

...and finally

The man who saved the world

More or less?
This is all still an experiment - it would be really good to get your feedback or ideas on how to improve. Please drop me a line or message me on twitter

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