🎆More Than Robots #11 / November 2018

Remember, remember the 5th of November... but don't forget the 16th.
To help you stay safe and get through the November rain here is a collection of sparklers and a few things that may surprise you.

📖 Research

Kids’ Trends of Q3 2018 / Super Awesome
Baby Shark, Gacha, Fortnite and memes - the key trends for children this quarter

Building long-term empathy: A comparison of traditional and virtual reality perspective-taking / Stanford
People who underwent a virtual reality experience, called “Becoming Homeless,” were more empathetic toward the homeless / Commentary and more background on the project

All the world is a stage Vlogging, live streaming, and parenting / Internet Matters
Insight on what parents of children aged between 4 – 16 understand about live streaming and vlogging

Audience Broadening Initiative / Art UK
Results from a project to change the composition of the Art UK online audience to make it more representative of younger (16-24) and BAME audiences

The impacts of motivational framing of technology restrictions on adolescent concealment / Cardiff & Oxford Universities
A comparison of how different approaches to parenting impact on what teens share about their technology use

📎 Resources

PSHE primary school lesson plans for film
BBFC resource to help KS2 pupils make the best choices about what to watch, when and where

The fairness toolkit
Downloadable cards and worksheets to help young people discuss how algorithms shape online experiences

Social media playbook
A practical guide to managing social media channels and campaigns from the always excellent Government Digital Service

Make it count
Mental Health Foundation guide for young people on how to keep mentally healthy

💭 Inspiration and opinion

Thermostats, Locks and Lights: Digital Tools of Domestic Abuse
'Internet-connected devices that have been marketed as the newest conveniences are now also being used as a means for harassment, monitoring, revenge and control' / How to Keep Your Smart-Home Technology Secure From Domestic Abusers

Kindness, emotions and human relationships: The blind spot in public policy
'There is growing recognition of the importance of kindness and relationships for societal wellbeing. But talking about kindness does not fit easily within the rational lexicon of public policy'

The Digital Gap Between Rich and Poor Kids Is Not What We Expected
'It could happen that the children of poorer parents will be raised by screens, while the children of the elite will be going back to wooden toys and the luxury of human interaction'

To Understand Facebook, Study Capgras Syndrome
'Capgras syndrome provides a window on our culture and minds today, where nothing is quite recognizable but everything seems familiar'

...and finally
Your nice new website probably looks like everyone else's... but there was a glorious/messy time before templates...

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Jamie Larson