👩‍🔬More Than Robots #29 / May 2020

”I'm not a doctor. But I'm, like, a person that has a good you-know-what"

As part of 'Bringing in the May' it was tradition to venture out in the morning sun, gather fresh flowers and gift some colour to your friends. As the world goes foraging for answers to Covid-19 - often in dark and dangerous woods - here is a basket, brim-full of bright ideas, to help us be less slug-a-bed

📖 Research

Co-SPACE (Covid-19 - Supporting Parents, Adolescents and Children in Epidemics) Study / University of Oxford
Parents want support around their child’s emotional wellbeing, education and coming out of social isolation and would value online written materials and videos

Children in families at risk – Local area maps / Children's Commissioner for England
This data shows, council by council, the latest levels of childhood vulnerability.
More: Who are the children most likely to be impacted by lockdown? / NFJO

IWF 2019 Annual Report / Internet Watch Foundation
In 2019, 132,676 reports were confirmed to contain images and videos of child sexual abuse. An increase of 26% on 2018

COVID-19 and Social Mobility Impact Brief #1: School Shutdown / The Sutton Trust
60% of private schools and 37% of state schools in the most affluent areas already had an online platform in place compared to 23% of the most deprived schools

Covid-19 and early intervention: Evidence, challenges and risks relating to virtual and digital delivery / EIF
Interventions which have some form of personalisation and/or contact with a practitioner – rather than self-directed, non-interactive learning – are more likely to improve outcomes

Building on Rainbows: Supporting Children’s Participation in Shaping Responses to COVID-19 / EuroChild
70% of respondents could not identify a single COVID-19 related children’s participation initiative. More: What Coronavirus means for UK Children / Unicef

📎 Resources

Introduction to Miro / NPCLabs
A practical guide to setting up and using Miro for online collaboration/co-creation

Online youthwork guidelines / Youthwork Support
A handy summary of considerations for remote youthwork

Service Recipes / Catalyst with FutureGov, Snook and CAST
Practical examples to help charities reuse and learn from one another’s digital services

Accessibility in Video Conferencing and Remote Meetings / Drake Music
Simple steps to use tools like Zoom in a more accessible way

Be Internet Legends - Remote Learning / Google & Parent Zone
A 'multifaceted programme to teach children the skills they need to be safe and confident online' - now available for remote learning and participation

🗳 Take Part

Survey of girls and young women about COVID-19
Girlguiding is collecting information from girls and young women aged 4 to 18 about their experiences during lockdown

CoSpace Survey
Help find out how children, young people and their families are getting on, what is working for them, and what they are finding difficult

BBC Young Reporter - Coronavirus
The initiative offers 11-18 year olds the chance to report with BBC programmes and platforms.

💬 Inspiration and opinion

‘Virtual contact’ between children and their birth families during lockdown: unexpected opportunities
‘Contact’ is so much more than a meeting, a letter, a phone or video call. In seeking to enable contact we need to keep front and centre its purpose, enabling the relationships that underpin these encounters'

How the PopJam community is reacting to Covid-19
'This went from one big adventure or one big enemy to something that could make their family very sick.. but now they’re in lockdown it’s all quite exciting. In their bubble, they’re secure enough to be bold and brave'

Regulation, Misinformation And COVID19
'Decisions by social media companies about how their services are designed and operated have a direct and indirect effect on whether outcomes for users are harmful or not'

Do civilisations collapse?
'States collapsed, civilisations or cultures transformed; people lived through these times and employed their coping strategies'

...and finally
You can't get a supermarket delivery because the robots beat you to it

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