🚸 More Than Robots #33 / September 2020


'Don't call it a comeback' LL Cool J

Welcome back. Back to school, back to the office, back to the future... everything seems to be going back... or backwards depending on where you are standing. Wherever you're going here are a few things that will help you find your way there...and back  

📆 More Than Robots Autumn Meet-Up

We hope to organise an online meet up in the next couple of months.
If you would like to share an idea, shout about a project or ask for help get in touch to save your slot

📖 Research

The Good Childhood Report 2020 / The Children's Society
The proportion of children unhappy with their life was significantly higher as was the proportion of boys unhappy with their appearance and their school. Children who spent more than four hours chatting online had significantly lower scores around happiness with friends compared to children who spent less time online / Report summary for young people

Live Streaming: A new economy of connection / Revealing Reality
An exploration of the mechanics of live streaming: what it’s like for the streamers and the viewers, and the potential links between a more disconnected society and the rise of live online content

Worlds of Influence: Understanding what shapes child well-being in rich countries / UNICEF
Children who do not use technology, as well as those who were very intensive users, had lower well-being. In all countries, children who have less supportive families tend to have poorer emotional well-being

Parents/carers and children’s concerns about children attending school / CoSPACE
66% of parents/carers feel comfortable about their children going back to school. Parents of children with SEN/D or on lower incomes are concerned that their child will lack emotional/behavioural and educational support they need

Protecting children online / ASA
159 age-restricted ads were identified during three months of monitoring 50 child-friendly sites

Kids’ Digital Lives in Covid-19 Times / Dublin City University
28% of 10-18-year olds reported having been victims of cyberbullying during lockdown - of those, 41% told a parent or caregiver

Video game playing and literacy / National Literacy Trust
79% of 11-16-year-olds who play video games read something relating to games once a month. 65% say playing games helps them imagine being someone else

📎 Resources

Child Welfare Inequalities Project App / University of Sheffield / RStudio
Data visualisation tool to compare a wide range of data on children and families by geographic location

Your Digital Family / Parent Zone / The Mix / Facebook
New online quiz event, helping families enjoy a more positive digital life. If you are affiliated to the Connection Coalition, you can receive training, tools and funding to host an event in your community

Framework for Human Connection / Deepr / Catalyst
Principles and tools for creating human connection through digital services

Risky by design / 5Rights Foundation
Interactive exploration of safety by design principles and practice

'A collection of short stories accompanied by a series of carefully designed, therapy based questions to help spark a conversation with your child'
 Critical data literacy tools for advancing data justice: A guidebook / Data Justice Lab
A guide providing 'anyone interested in critical data literacy with an up-to-date overview of a range of different types of data literacy tools available'

🗳 Take Part

Ofcom call for evidence: Video-sharing platform regulation / Sep 24

Youth Voice Week / Oct 5 - 9
Set up to highlight the vital importance of listening to young people and involving them in shaping the future of the creative sector

General Comment on children’s rights in relation to the digital environment​ / Nov 15
Public consultation on a proposed addition to UNCRC general comments

💬 Inspiration and opinion

Chatbots in 2020: all talk or still worth a conversation?
'The first question to ask when considering a chatbot for your charity should be “What existing service is it replacing?” swiftly followed by, “Why is this better?”'

Parenting for a Digital Future - Q&A with Sonia Livingstone and Alicia Blum-Ross
'The poorer families we interviewed faced many barriers as they sought digital pathways for their children’s future. We visited lots of homes with broken or underused technology, and families lacking in the needed skills and unable to find sources of help, whether from their child’s school or their community or beyond'

The Rise of the People Meter
'The desire to track people every waking minute was there, but it needed the internet, and in particular the smart phone, to make it possible'

The rise (and fall) of a Neopets criminal mastermind - aged 9 and 3/4
'Eventually this operation grew out of the scale one small child could provide after elementary school in the library. so I decided to start a guild'

...and finally
If you ever feel like life is just a game you don't know the cheat code for...

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