🚚More Than Robots #46 / October 2021


"There are diamonds on my windshield / And these tears from heaven" - Tom Waits

The supply chain may have broken but here is a delivery of fresh research, essential resources and a full tank of ideas

📖 Research

The Big Answer / Children's Commissioner for England
74% of  9—17‑year‑olds said they are happy with their experiences online, 21% said they were fine, while only 5% said they were unhappy

Girls Attitudes Survey / Girl Guides
71% girls and young women aged 7 to 21 have experienced some form of harmful content while online in the last year

Essential Digital Skills Report 2021/ Lloyds Bank
21% of UK adult population, circa 11.0 million, are digitally disadvantaged
See also: Your Own Place Digital Inclusion Report - a survey designed, collected and analysed by young people with lived experience of digital exclusion

Remote schooling through the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, England: April 2020 to June 2021 / ONS
Remote learners at schools with a higher proportion of pupils eligible for free school meals covered a smaller fraction of in-class learning materials than remote learners at other schools

Modernising post-adoption contact: findings from a recent consultation / Nuffield Family Justice Observatory
Contact with birth relatives can help adopted children cope with loss and separation. 'Letterbox' which has been the norm for 20 years, needs substantial change to make it fit for the modern world / See also Tiegan: My Contact Story

🗳 Take part

Digital Parenting Week 2021 / 11-15 October
Free activities and events for organisations to celebrate 'everything parents do to support their children's wellbeing, through challenge, change and confusion'

Get Online Week / 18-24 October
Community events and resources 'giving everyone the chance to find the help they need to improve their digital skills'

📎 Resources

Care leaver local offer
Online tool to help you 'compare different local authorities to discover how they support care leavers and encourage councils to improve support in multiple areas'

The Children’s code design guidance
Practical guides and examples help designers of online services meet the new ICO Children's Code / see also Trauma-informed design: Designing interfaces, narratives and services that uplift

A browser extension that aims 'to present a visual prompt when a person searches for harmful keywords or phrases relating to the topic of self-harm or suicide'

Tech jargon in context: the typical buzzwords used in digital projects
Exactly what it says on the tin

The Networked Condition
A tool to assess the carbon footprint of your online events and activities

💬 Inspiration and opinion

How neuroscience can help families talk to their teens
'In order to think about consequences, you've got to have links between different areas of the brain… but some of these areas in young people are still very immature'

Post-adoption contact: a peek through the letterbox
'The potential impact of digital technology on post-adoption contact can only be fully realised if underpinned by concrete policy that considers digital poverty and competence'

The internet is rotting
'If you go back to 1998, 72 percent of the links in an article are dead. People tend to overlook the decay of the modern web, [it] represents a comprehensive breakdown in the chain of custody for facts' / See also If looks could kill

...and finally
Trying to get to the bottom of seemingly random facts on the web can lead you down a hole ... or into a truck

Infinite BETA
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