🛸 More Than Robots #53 / May 2022

📖 Research

There has been growing concern about the increasing frequency at which young people online portray mental health problems which they do not have. Searches for “fake tourettes” and “fake DID” have shot up recently due to this trend that has flooded social media

Young people with higher digital skill levels were found to be better at coping with online risk experiences and hence were more successful at avoiding or dealing with feelings of harm that result from these negative experiences, compared with young people who reported lower levels of digital literacy

'From a technological standpoint, considering cyberbullying through the lens of dignity is especially important now, when social media and other platforms are increasingly relying on artificial intelligence (AI)–based tools to address user safety.'

Exploratory analysis of survey data showed that for children in some countries, engaging in social activities online – with friends, parents and teachers – was positively associated with many aspects of well-being. Using social media was associated with a sense of belonging, stronger peer relationships, and confidence.

📎 Resources

PZ SEND is dedicated to providing teachers with quality-assured Media Literacy education resources that are accessible for children with SEND – and adaptable for those that teach them.

The UN has invited children, young people, and organizations, to share their work and actions to end violence against children. The map shows contributions received from children and organizations everywhere.

The Digital Matters platform uses free interactive lessons and dynamic storytelling to help teachers engage young people in online safety lessons.

💬 Inspiration and opinion

We are talking here about the rise of data-driven automated technologies – what is often referred to as ‘automated decision-making’, algorithmic and ‘AI’ technologies. These are all systems and software that sit in the background of our everyday lives

Gaming offers something else; a place where you can be the character you want to be, build friends and connections and create entire storylines.

With the rise to domination of digital we’re now compelled to consider where we stand in relation to technology—a question we’ve never had to ask ourselves before.

...and finally

Watch those repeating human stories play out - pixel by pixel - in 3 minutes

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Jamie Larson