🎾 More Than Robots #55 / July 22

📖 Research

Girls – in particular girls from more disadvantaged backgrounds – often have the most negative experience

How young people navigate the online world is an extension of the way in which they navigate social interactions in general. Excluded young people can encounter challenges around establishing and maintaining healthy, supportive, and trusting relationships.

Everyone is part of a digital society — whether they are online or not. “Datafication” is the process by which information about people is turned into data that can be processed by computers, and this occurs behind the scenes, whether the datafied person is digitally literate or not.

Children from low-SES families were more likely to encounter manipulative design features...demonstrating an uneven prevalence of manipulative designs intended to monetize childrens’ digital experiences.

Proximity can, to a degree, be re-created and modified by way of video calls. Proximity is created primarily using the body and the senses. The room is very important – what appears on screen and how the body is coordinated in relation to the camera lens.

More young people from lower-income backgrounds say that using social media makes them feel like they can make a change in the world

Non-binary youth both use more digital technologies and feel more skilled at digital content creation. There is also higher use of digital technologies for looking up health information among non-binary youth than among either boys or girls

📎 Resources

Practical advice for businesses that are embarking on a journey towards meaningful child participation and encountering the challenges that come with it.

A library showing ‘positive and realistic’ images of older people in a bid to challenge negative and stereotypical views of later life.

Online confidential hybrid chat bot / counsellor service for young people aged 13 - 18

💬 Inspiration and opinion

Games were now no longer just products, but sales platforms, meaning publishers could continually monetise players over time.

A series of 12 films about meeting the needs of older children and young people in the family justice system.

Many people eligible for a social tariff don’t know it exists. And if they did, would they have the headspace or risk appetite to switch?

...and finally

If you struggle to find the perfect image for your blog post - get AI to create one... or not

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