🕳 More Than Robots - #57 / September 22

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The only annual event looking at the challenges and opportunities of raising and educating children in a digital world.

From Discovery to Recovery: Tackling Technology-Assisted Child Sexual Abuse - Sharing Challenges and Considering Solutions

📖 Research

95% of teens use YouTube, 67% TikTok and 62% Instragram. Meanwhile, the share of teens who say they use Facebook has gone down from 71% in 2014/15 to 32% today.

Results suggested that motivations play a role in players' well-being...the average effects of time spent playing video games on players’ well-being are probably very small, and further industry data are required to determine potential risks and supportive factors to health.

Loot boxes appear to be prevalent in video games that are deemed suitable for children, especially on mobile platforms.

Restrictive mediation was the most commonly reported parental approach to managing children’s online activities. Child age, gender and vulnerability and parents’ ICT knowledge and experience impact on parents’ mediation practices

Alert messages could be an effective mechanism to help users to make more informed choices about legal but potentially harmful content -  introducing alert messages also increased the likelihood of skipping all forms of content – whether neutral or legal but potentially harmful.

📎 Resources

Interactive live data from Citizens Advice

Notes and videos from a series of workshops in response to needs identified around understanding and delivering blended and hybrid learning.

An evolving guide that aims to refine a new standard for both design and business to direct the development towards products and services that have ethics and children’s best interests at their core.

💬 Inspiration and opinion

Investigating whether it is the characteristics of a metaverse game, its genre, or other factors that enable different online harms is crucial for us to assess risk.

In order to support the blended on/offline nature of children's lives, the way the system is framed, set-up and managed needs reconfiguring.

We’ve found no reason as to why client-side scanning techniques cannot be implemented safely in many of the situations society will encounter

...and finally

Do ants do funerals? who mourns for bees? when poetry mixes with science

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