⏎ More Than Robots #62 February 2023

“Dont call it a comeback” LL Cool J

New year, new look but hopefully the same approach and love. Please let me know if you have any feedback or issues.

📖 Research

Youth Misspent: Uncovering the harsh realities for Britain’s young people in today’s job market

30% of young people don’t think they will achieve their career ambitions. For those who have been refugees, the figure is 54% and for those who have been through the care system the figure is 44%

A Whole New World? Towards a Child-Friendly Metaverse

41% of parents admit they don’t know much, or anything, about the metaverse, and 53% of children say the same

Edtech Safety Benchmark

28% of the apps recommended or required by schools were not designed for use by children

Improving digital support for young people: emerging themes

There is significant divergence between organisations in social media use and levels of confidence in how to mitigate privacy and safeguarding concerns

🧰 Resources

Safer Internet Day

Resources, info and links for #SID2023 around the world

Glossary of Trust & Safety Terms

Draft definitions of key terms in trust and safety management

The Mix Connect

A plug-in for school websites that offers pupils direct access to youth-focused advice, community, local information and crisis support

Enable - Digital Training for Foster Carers

Support, training and tools designed for foster carers and the children in their care

Combating Targeted Attacks on Twitch

Features to prevent the harm caused by malicious spam, botting, and raiding

💡Inspiration and opinion

Young people’s online engagement and mental health: the role of digital skills

‘Skills are not sufficient in a risky-by-design digital environment’

TikTok’s Secret Sauce

‘In AI applications, the sophistication of the algorithm is rarely the limiting factor. The quality of the design, the data, and the people that make up the system all tend to matter more’

Welcome to the Ambaniverse

‘Imagine if everything in your home came from just one company. Or, to be more precise, from companies that are ultimately led by one individual’

…and finally

Instead of pretending you understand that academic paper everyone is talking about - let a robot explain it to you

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