⚽️ More Than Robots #64 April 2023

“It’s a game of two haves”

The times are changing and spring is slowly springing so here are some green shoots to spring-clean your thinking and let the sunshine in.

📖 Research

Minimum Digital Living Standard

‘A minimum digital standard of living includes, but is more than, having accessible internet, adequate equipment, and the skills, knowledge and support people need. It is about being able to communicate, connect and engage with opportunities safely and with confidence’.

Children’s Media Use and Attitudes

Children are much less likely to post their own videos (32%) than to watch them (96%). Correspondingly, children said they are seeing less content created by their friends, and even when they do see it, are interacting with it less.

Disrupting Harm

Offenders of OCSEA were more likely to be someone the child already knows in person. The most common offender was an older friend or someone the child knew from before (aged 18+), followed by a friend under 18.

Digitally Empowering Young People

Historical approaches and language used within online safety education has served to enhance vulnerabilities and reinforce a culture of victim blaming.

🧰 Resources

Everyday Digital

Guides to help families develop great media literacy skills through simple everyday habits

Understanding Teen Minds

A podcast that provides ‘insight into the world of teenage mental health, looking at everything from signs and symptoms to early intervention.’

A handy flow chart to consider data privacy compliance

Discovery Versus Disclosure

Guidance for understanding the differences when online abuse has been discovered rather than disclosed

Child rights by design

Guidance for innovators of digital products and services used by children

💡Inspiration and opinion

You Are Not a Parrot

We’ve learned to make machines that can mindlessly generate text but we haven’t learned how to stop imagining the mind behind it.

Meta Verified Is a Sign of Stagnation

The model some of these companies relied on may be in jeopardy, but that doesn’t mean what comes next will be any better.

Can We Trust Anything When We Have Access to Everything?

Each tool that the internet gives us seems to provide us with more information and fewer reasons to trust that information.

…and finally

Whilst AI may be helping some people get rich. The future will probably be robots suing robots

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Jamie Larson