👩‍🏫 More Than Robots #69 September 2023

“Creativity is as important now in education as literacy and we should treat it with the same status.” Sir Ken Robinson

As the great migration back to school and work gets into gear, here are a few things to pack alongside your fancy pencil case and new school shoes.

📖 Research

Digital literacy and online resilience as facilitators of young people's well-being?

While digitally literate young people do not encounter less risk on the internet, they seem to be better able to avoid the harm, and hence protect themselves against the harm that can result from these negative experiences

What we’ve learnt about VSPs’ user policies

Users need advanced reading skills to understand Video Sharing Platforms’ terms and conditions. This means they are not suitable for many users, including children

No evidence that Chinese playtime mandates reduced heavy gaming in one segment of the video games industry

Broadly scoped restriction policies on youth digital behaviour may lead to no widespread and uniform decrease in utilization

Video consumption for Gen Z teens in the US

Two thirds  of teens are likely to remember ads they have seen while gaming

🧰 Resources

Toolkit for Digital Safety Design Interventions and Innovations: Typology of Online Harms

A foundation to build a common terminology and shared understanding of the diverse range of risks that arise online, including in the production, distribution and consumption of content.


Visual and spoken resources to support conversations about digital with children and young people who have speech, language and communication needs

Inclusivity calculator

Estimate how many people might have a disability, impairment or other characteristics which might affect how they use your service.

🗳 Take part

POP: Protection through online Participation

The UN wants to hear from children and young people about how they look for help online when they feel scared or unsafe

💡Inspiration and opinion

Regulating Big Tech through digital disclosures

We recommend a “monetization narrative” that details how users and third-party firms are ‘monetized’ by the gatekeeper platform, including across products but within the same company’s ecosystem.

Algorithmic Rights and Protections for Children

Despite the important role that children’s protections and rights play in debates of the social impacts and responsibility of tech platforms, issues unique to children have not been a significant focus of debates over artificial intelligence (AI) and ethics.

All projects (and services) start in the middle

I’m quite tired of looking at diagrams that show service delivery “beginning” with discovery.

…and finally

For innovation and creativity online its often better to look past big tech…way, way past

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Jamie Larson