🪡 More Than Robots #71 November 2023

“sometimes I remember days of old / When fellowship seemed not so far to seek” Christina Rossetti

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📖 Research

Girls & Mobile

Phones, apps and digital platforms are not currently designed for the ways in which girls use them (which includes shared use and borrowing)

Countermeasures: giving children better control over how they’re observed by digital sensors

This project focused on giving children better control over how they are observed by digital sensors

Does autoplay distort what we watch online?

Autoplay and autoskip are not neutral design features. When combined with alerts, they cause substantial changes in viewing behaviour compared to static warnings

Digital experiences and their impact on the lives of adolescents with pre-existing anxiety, depression, eating and nonsuicidal self-injury conditions

There is a relationship between self-reported symptoms of anxiety, depression, self-injurious behaviour and problems with self-regulation of digital engagement.

Fairness of the digital environment survey results

44% of the consumers who come across influencers on social media have seen them promoting possible scams or potentially dangerous products

🧰 Resources

Ageing better image library

‘the first free library showing positive and realistic images of over 50s in a bid to challenge negative and stereotypical views of older age.’

ITU Child Online Protection Resources

To encourage children to learn how to stay safe online, ITU and partners are offering two innovative complementary products, allowing children and youth to learn through play

News and media literacy resources

KS3 and KS4 interactive lessons from the BBC that introduce students to the main media literacy concepts.

🗳 Take part

Digital Youth Index Launch / Nov 22

Launch of the annual benchmarking tool which ‘offers insights into young people’s digital lives and the key drivers, issues and opportunities in their relationships with technology in the UK’

💡Inspiration and opinion

A Deep Dive into the Ethics, Literacy, and Application of AI

Our democratic and civic infrastructure is being replaced by decision-making tools which are beholden to a small elite.

Humans Are Biased. Generative AI Is Even Worse

If these images depicting amplified stereotypes of race and gender find their way back into future models as training data, next generation text-to-image AI models could become even more biased, creating a snowball effect of compounding bias with potentially wide implications for society.

How a Phone Glitch Sparked a Teenage Riot

Like today’s social networks, and the internet in general, the hotline offered a chance to connect to groups of people outside your immediate physical space

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