🌦️ More Than Robots #76 April 2024

"Sunshine and showers" As time and seasons change, here are some signs and markers to help us find our way.

"Sunshine and showers"

As time and seasons change, here are some signs and markers to help us find our way.

📖 Research

The Minimum Digital Living Standard for Households with Children

3.7 million households with children do not meet the Minimum Digital Living Standard.

Challenging systematic prejudices: an investigation into bias against women and girls in large language models

When models were prompted to complete sentences beginning with a mention of a person’s gender along with sexual identity, LLMs not fine-tuned with human feedback (RLHF) generated sexist and misogynistic content in approximately 20% of instances

Teen girls’ experiences of harm online

1 in 5 girls say that time online makes them feel worried about their body shape or size. Also: Boys were more likely to agree they felt safe when they went online (75%) than girls (67%).

Social uncertainty in the digital world

changes to social uncertainty in online environments are transforming our social landscape, as well as the cognitive strategies required to make sense of it.

Inception Attacks: Immersive Hijacking in Virtual Reality

Inception attacks successfully deceived 26 out of 27 participants. Notably, even highly experienced users, who interact with VR devices on a daily/weekly basis, were susceptible

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{ClickZero} believes that you shouldn't have to pay through your data to access universal credit, that you should be able to access public health information via the NHS regardless of your data allowance.

🧰 Resources


An independent DIY search engine that focuses on non-commercial content

What Is Kick, And Why Is It Controversial?

The new rival live streaming platform with dodgy links to crypto gambling.

💡Inspiration and opinion

Shifting the Narrative To Build a Culture of Child Safety In Online Gaming

While the online world can seem homogeneous and globalized, in fact, children bring their culture and socialization experiences into online environments, also applying them in relation to identity, behaviour and gender norms - See Also: Children Play VideoGames To Feel LikeThey Matter, And ForGood Reason

Bullies want you to think they're on your side

AI companies make money by selling models to companies hoping to fire their workers. But for that to work, companies have to plan on making money by firing their workers and replacing them with AI.

The digital revolution has failed

There were many networks before the internet, and there can be new networks that follow it. We don’t have to be locked into the digital dystopia Silicon Valley has created

…and finally

If changing the clocks at home feels like a chore...

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Jamie Larson