📈 More Than Robots #79 July 2024

All change. And more to come. Here are some pointers to where change may happen ...or already is.

"Ch.. Ch" - Bowie

All change. And more to come.

Here are some pointers to where change may happen ...or already is.

📖 Research

Self-generated child sexual abuse fieldwork findings

The children and young people overwhelmingly wanted educators to deliver input around sex education, but many respondents considered the input received in school as inadequate or inappropriate

Towards digital safety by design for children

Continuous horizon scanning, mapping and analysis are required to stay abreast of emerging technologies and the new challenges they pose, as well as the opportunities they present, for children’s safety in the digital environment.

Being a young man online

Self-expression online can be challenging for young men. They can feel pressured. Engaging with online influencers is a key way that young men shape their identities.

Reviewing Existing and Emerging Frameworks on Children’s Rights and AI

Policymakers should work together with transnational organisations and other key stakeholders to uphold children’s rights, wellbeing, and ensure child-centred AI for children

Auditing Entertainment Traps on YouTube

Recommendation algorithms may potentially redirect users away from news content through two influence pathways “topical filter bubbles” and “algorithmic redirection” Further analysis

A double-edged sword

Black and Latino youth are more likely to take breaks from a social media account due to harassment and other negative experiences

🧰 Resources

Art Is Joy Zine

A joyful zine with art inspired by Arts Emergency's youth manifesto

Voice Opportunity Power

A toolkit to involve young people in shaping their neighbourhoods through strategic participation in the planning and design process

AI Chatbots: The Do’s and Don’ts

The Mix and VoiceBox provide guidance for young people on AI

🗳Take part

Financially Motivated Sexual Extortion Alert Survey

Following the alert issued to raise awareness of financially motivated sexual extortion (often known in the media as 'sextortion') NCA is conducting a survey to explore the impact of the alert

Play commission

The Play Commission is seeking evidence and expertise to shape policy recommendations on children's play.

💡Inspiration and opinion

For Our Kids’ Safety, Social Media Platforms Need a Health Warning / Instagram Is Not a Cigarette

One of the most important lessons I learned in medical school was that in an emergency, you don’t have the luxury to wait for perfect information.

People are frightened. But fear isn’t always the best way to help young people.

Investigation: How Roblox Is Exploiting Young Game Developers

Convincing its young users that making money on the platform is possible, it gets hundreds of thousands of free workers

Challenges in the Online Child Safety Ecosystem

Officers feel ill equipped to accurately prioritize reports for investigation. Officers believe they expend precious time on reports that in hindsight they should have deprioritized, while overlooking reports that seem low priority

…and finally

The future is so bright you can smell it... no you really can

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