🎒More Than Robots #9 / September 2018

As the endless summer comes to an end, we dive back into work and the battle with our to-do list kicks off again. To help us get back-to-work-ready, here is a whole backpack of useful stuff and some new ideas to grow into.

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Save the date: Meet Up / Nov 16th

The next Digital Participation Meet Up will be on Friday 16th November - kindly hosted by Media Smart. More details soon


Good Childhood Report / Children's Society
Children's well-being is as low as it was 20 years ago. Almost 50% of children attracted to the same or both genders self-harm

Social Media Use, and Mental Well-Being Among Teens and Young Adults in the U.S. / Hope Lab
Young people with moderate to severe depressive symptoms report having heightened responses to social media – both positive and negative

Online Data Privacy from Attitudes to Action / Carnegie UK Trust
What the public think about data privacy and the trade-offs they are willing to make

Digital in 2018: Global Digital Statshot / We Are Social
4.1 billion active internet users worldwide. 57% access the web most often via smartphone. 45% of 16-24-year-olds have used voice search in the last month

Teen Views on Adolescence / UCL
Findings from a one day workshop with teens on the meanings of 'Adolescence' and how to communicate research

Robots' influence on children's decision making / Plymouth University
Young children are significantly more likely than adults to have their opinions and decisions influenced by robots


Grants available for youth digital & coding events
€500 grants to host a 'digital event' with young people / Deadline Sept 15


Developing digital literacies
Ideas and resources to inspire the strategic development of digital literacies

5 fantastic ways you can get young people to love evaluation
It can be difficult to get audiences to participate in evaluation when they don’t see a direct benefit for themselves. Here are tried and tested tips for engaging young people in evaluation

The Lost Summer
A role-playing video game, for 11-14-year-olds to build 'digital intelligence skills' and encourage online safety

Inspiration and opinion

Technical Intuition: Instincts in a Digital World
'Any technology sufficiently distanced from our own conceptual understanding is indistinguishable from magic'

How Kids Learn Resilience
'In recent years, the idea that educators should be teaching kids qualities like grit and self-control has caught on. Successful strategies, though, are hard to come by'

There's no proof Android and iOS wellbeing tools reduce screen time
'If you were to assume technology is special, like a drug, what you have is these companies providing medical treatments in a weird way that have no empirical validation to them'

Can you make [non]sense of jargon?
Are you engineering visionary architecture for children’s rights or engaged in cross-media mind-sharing?

Don't Be Evil
‘Once the rockets are up, who cares where they come down? That's not my department’

...and finally
Girl Guides have launched badges for protesting... but sometimes 'the man' has the coolest badges...

More or less?

This is all still an experiment - it would be really good to get your feedback or ideas on how to improve. Please drop me a line or message me on twitter

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