🎏More Than Robots #17 / May 2019

May is a season of revolution, rebellion and resistance. In Japan, it is also Children's Day - and as we all know - children are the future. So, here are a few things to help the next generation be inspired, get organised and make trouble with...

📣 More Than Robots Meet Up / June 7

The next digital participation meet up will be on Friday 7th June, very kindly hosted by BBFC


Places are limited and we usually get full pretty quickly so please register as soon as you can.
If you would like to speak please get in touch now

📖 Research

Charities, young people and digital mental health services / NPC
A review of the landscape of digital mental health provision for young people

How do young people interpret and construct risk in an online context? / Holly Powell-Jones
Many students expressed a perception of there being no potential negative consequences for a sender who posted problematic content online

Students’ Ability to Detect Disinformation After Learning Media Literacy Techniques in School / IREX
Students were twice as likely to detect hate speech and 18% better at identifying fake news stories

Framing Mental Health Within Digital Games / Fordham and Ball
'It is essential that we examine the design practices that encourage an increased empathetic understanding of people experiencing mental health disorders'

Children’s online experiences in socially disadvantaged families / EU Kids Online
'Children of lower educated parents are often left alone when dealing with the internet'

📎 Resources

Future Girl: Poster Pack / Girlguiding
Downloadable posters and info sheets to facilitate discussions with girls

Change a view
'Our hope is that by providing the right environment for the right people to talk and gain understanding, we can undo some of the effects of the toxic debate occurring elsewhere' More on fact v opinion

A dedicated and managed Minecraft server for children that have autism and their families

Emoji Maker / GifRun / LensStudio
Tools to make your own emojis, gifs and Snap lenses

📆 Events / Invitations

Call for submissions: General Comment on children’s rights in relation to the digital environment / May 15

Age appropriate design: a code of practice for online services / May 31

Online Harms White Paper: Open consultation / July 1

💬 Inspiration and opinion

Kids Trends: Momo, memes and magic
'Unicorns are on their way out, and the time is nigh for a replacement ...this is a good time for cute reptiles and hedgehogs'

Optimize algorithms to support kids online, not exploit them
'We can’t leave it to commercial entities to develop and guide today’s learning platforms and internet communities—but we can’t shut these platforms down or prevent children from having access to meaningful online relationships and knowledge, either'

Video Game Bots Can Beat Top Players But Lose to Internet Teams
'Bots, which have beaten top players in the past, have started to lose to teams of human players, who are learning how to exploit AI's weaknesses'

How to reduce digital distractions: advice from medieval monks
'I teach medieval cognitive techniques to college freshmen...'

...and finally
When you are raging against the machine this is the soundtrack you need...

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