🧹More Than Robots #16 / April 2019

After a short break, normal service is being resumed - in a slightly more regulated way.
As we spring forward into a brave new world, here are a few green shoots I uncovered whilst tidying up...

📖 Research

Managing the Impact of Social Media on Young People’s Mental Health and Wellbeing / RSPH
Report from the APPG on Social Media and Young People’s Mental Health

Exploring loneliness and well-being among 10 to 17 year olds  / The Children's Society
66% of children responded ‘some of the time’ or ‘often’ to at least one of the loneliness questions, and 29% to all four questions (having no one to talk to, feeling left out, alone or lonely)

Mobile Connectivity in Emerging Economies / Pew
67% of adults say the increased use of mobile phones has had a good influence on education but 79% say people should be very concerned about children being exposed to harmful or immoral content when using mobile phones

Social Media, Television And Children / University of Sheffield
58% of children always find content on their own on YouTube / Parents in social groups C2DE are less confident in helping their child to use technology than parents in social groups ABC1

Conversations with young people about kindness / Young Scot & Carnegie UK Trust
“If a situation is set up to minimise human interaction then there will be less kindness”

📎 Resources

Supporting mental health and wellbeing in schools / Anna Freud Foundation
How schools can help children by successfully engaging with parents and carers

Digital Resources Toolkit / Festival Bridge
How to make the most of your digital content for schools: A toolkit for arts and cultural organisations

Step Up, Speak Up! / Childnet
A practical toolkit to address the issue of online sexual harassment amongst 13–17-year-olds

A mobile app designed to enable everyone to express and capture a mood or emotion through music instead of words

Safeguarding Guide: synchronous online delivery / NYMAZ
A guide to help you manage safety when developing live online tuition for children and young people

📆 Events / Invitations

Call for submissions: General Comment on children’s rights in relation to the digital environment / May 15

How safe are our children? Growing up online 2.0 / June 25 - 26 / NSPCC

The Thriving Child / June 28 / ROH Bridge

Digital Families 2019: Wellbeing in a Connected World / Oct 9 / Parent Zone

💭 Inspiration and opinion

Students, social media and surviving cancer
"Treatment left a gap in young people’s social lives on and offline. When you’re too damn drained and sick to look at your phone or you haven’t got the energy to explain how you’re feeling to each person asking, this gap grows even bigger"

Human contact is now a luxury good
"Screens used to be for the elite. Now avoiding them is a status symbol"

How do we create and express belonging in digital families for children in foster care?
"Creating belonging has to include the online world. We have to consider what role digital behaviours play, and what patterns of responding exist or are evolving within the family – both as a whole and between individual members" / Bonus: Digital parenting support for foster carers

How the tone of online conversations can build trust
"The take-home message for policymakers is rather straightforward: instead of focusing exclusively on fighting against noxious online behaviour, we should also create the preconditions to promote civil discussion on online platforms"

...and finally
When you are paralysed by choice just follow the numbers...

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Jamie Larson