💝More Than Robots #2 / Feb 2018

More Than Robots #2 / Feb 18

It's February and Valentine's Day -  that means love is in the air
Here are a few links and things that may make you swipe right

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Spring Meet Up

The next meet up is Friday, 16th March.  Barnardo's are very kindly hosting us
Full event details and registration

The event is currently fully booked. But you can register for the waiting list now


Digital Romance
A research project exploring young people’s use of technology in their romantic relationships and love lives

In the digital home, how do parents support their children and who supports them? (PDF)
LSE report on how parents and children use technology to connect, create and learn and what parents find challenging. Further reading: A blog post analysing the results

Global Digital Statistics 2018
'Everything you need to know about the internet, social media, and mobile use around the world'

Digital Exploitation and Sexual Harassment Among Minors
European project to improve understanding of online harassment and gendered violence among young people

Behaviour and Characteristics of Perpetrators of Online-facilitated Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation
Vulnerable teenagers are more likely to be victims of online sexual abuse and exploitation according to a report by the National Centre for Social Research


Click Relationships - One Plus One
Resources to help young people improve and maintain quality relationships. The site includes professional-led listening room, moderated community posts, evidence-based articles and much more

Education for a Connected World framework - UKCCIS (PDF)
A handy guide to the Digital knowledge and skills that children and young people should have the opportunity to develop at different ages and stages of their lives

Addressing Adversity - Young Minds
Evidence, insight and case studies from leading experts, clinicians, commissioners and frontline professionals to raise awareness about the impact of adversity and trauma on the mental health of young people

Youth Engagement Equaliser- Wired4Music
A great tool to help you learn more about Youth Voice & Participation, consider what you are already doing and identify aims for further development

Inspiration and Opinion

Screen Time? How about Creativity Time?
"Rather than trying to choose between high-tech, low-tech, and no-tech, parents and teachers should be searching for activities that will engage children in creative thinking and creative expression."

Artifical Intelligence and inequality
What happens when you apply machine learning to social care without recognising bias in the actual model?

The rise of digital resilience
True digital resilience means thriving in an online environment, avoiding harm and recovering from setbacks, while making the most of the opportunities technology can bring

Social media 'addiction'
A BBC report that uses the social media 'environment' in a highly relevant and compelling way to explore the story

Failing fast when failing is not an option
One of the mantras of tech innovation is “fail early, fail fast, learn early, learn often”. But what if you’re operating in a high-risk environment, where failure could mean another traumatic care experience for a vulnerable young person?

...and finally
Swipe right or swipe left? - the moral choice is yours

More or less?

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