🌼More Than Robots #3 / March 2018

It may not feel like it but Spring is almost here. In anticipation of brighter days ahead, here are a few new shoots and good things from seasons past

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The Promises, Challenges, and Futures of Media Literacy
An evaluation of the successes and failures of recent media literacy efforts

People, Power and Technology: The 2018 Digital Attitudes Report
DotEveryOne research exploring 'how the British public thinks and feels about the internet technologies shaping our world and changing our lives'

Impact: Open Access Youth Work
Large-scale programme to understand and improve the measurement of youth work outcomes

Children’s views on internet safety
BCS survey of around 6,500 children about e-safety and digital learning

Accessibility 2018
Research into accessibility-related issues and innovations. Includes an update on the implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UN CRPD) around the world

Cultural Citizens: Pilot Evaluation
Arts Council England initiative to support/empower young people in finding, choosing and accessing art and cultural opportunities


Be Internet Legends - Google and ParentZone
New digital safety scheme of work and FREE assembly programme for all KS2 teachers

Technology stock photos - UKBlackTech
FREE images of people using technology in a range of settings - ideal for presentations etc

SafeFam - SuperAwesome
A new certification and advice programme for YouTube content creators who engage with families and children

ArtMatters Podcast -  ArtUK
Fascinating new series linking art and youth: 'finding the places where art history meets pop culture'

The Pitch - BBC
A great chance for young people aged 11-18 to suggest an idea for a story or report to BBC News

Inspiration and Opinion

Beyond Engagement: the Content Performance Quotient
'Engagement is our cri de coeur. Our products, websites, and applications live and die by it. But should they?'

How to Design Social Systems (Without Causing Depression and War)
'Meaningful interactions and time well spent are a matter of values. For each person, certain kinds of acts are meaningful... Unless the software supports those acts and ways of relating, there will be a loss of meaning'

I have forgotten how to read
'Turning, one evening, from my phone to a book, I set myself the task of reading a single chapter in one sitting. Simple. But I couldn't'

Can you measure customer satisfaction at the push of a button?
'Basically, every time a customer uses our service, we can say that, based on the data, we are making the world a happier place'

No one’s coming. It’s up to us
'We need to figure out what society we want first. The future we want. And then we figure out the technology, the tools, that will get us there'
BONUS: This article also features the Usborne Book of the Future which is very close to my heart

...and finally
Next time the weather gets switched to evil you could hire someone to go outside for you...

More or less?

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