🎃More Than Robots #22 / October 2019

Now is the time of no reply. Even in this tech saturated world, Autumn still has a deep, old-world resonance. A time of myths and monsters, when we reflect on what has gone before and pray there will be enough food to get us through the hard times ahead...
But there is also light and colour and celebration. So spark a fire, gather close and share a harvest of ideas...

📖 Research

Key data on young people / Association for Young People's Health
10-14 year old pedestrians living in deprived areas are 2.6 times more likely to be killed or seriously injured on the roads

How do children’s helplines measure their effectiveness? / NSPCC
An increasing number of helplines provide an online service, which can have distinct benefits associated with accessibility, reach and anonymity. However, particular challenges include the lack of non-verbal and paralinguistic information and digital inequalities related to access and skills. Further commentary by LSE

How young people consume news / University of Oxford / Reuters
Young audiences see news as: what you should know, but also what is useful to know, what is interesting to know, and what is fun to know

Your mental health for sale / Privacy International
70.39% of all web pages analysed use trackers by DoubleClick and three out of nine depression test websites don’t show a cookie banner

📎 Resources

Gaming or Gambling / Parent Zone
Resources and films to 'help professionals and families learn about the gambling-like risks children may face when playing online games'

The IMO Podcast / Children's Commissioner for England
New audio series providing an 'open and honest conversations with care leavers'

Influencer Marketing resource / MediaSmart
Films and resource pack to help children 'understand the commercial link between social influencers and the brands they may be promoting'

Making Choices: Sex, Relationships and BBFC Age Ratings / BBFC / PSHE Association
KS3 lesson plans and teaching guides to help pupils 'make considered and informed choices about the content they watch'

Combat Bullying / Ditch The Label Education
'DTL:ED gives you the tools and support to tackle bullying and the issues which surround it'

Kind Words
An online game where players anonymously write out their concerns and sorrows by making short requests for letters

​Tomorrow's Child TV / Middlesex University
Video series of ‘Around The Table Shows’ offering advice about how to navigate the online world

🗳Take part

Digital Professionalism & Online Safeguarding Survey

💬 Inspiration and opinion

Own It, The App: Six Technical Challenges
'The advancement and proliferation of AI has created a window of problem-solving capabilities. With these new capabilities, comes a need to act both ethically and with responsibility'

Digital, Safeguarding And Kindness: Exploring Organisation Policies
'There was a general frustration that the time and complexity involved with managing social media accounts and interactions across multiple platforms simply wasn’t recognised by organisations'
Bonus features: A wellbeing guide for comms professional / NEW: Community Managers Association

Forget STEM, We Need MESH
'We need more than just STEM, more than technological advances, and more than high test scores. We need MESH and civic competence as well'

Haltung in Social Pedagogy
'In social pedagogic terms, the ‘Haltung’ of the professional should be based on an emotional connectedness to other people and a profound respect for their human dignity'

...and finally
Remember, even in the rat race, a little play goes a long way

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Jamie Larson