🔥 More Than Robots XXL #20 / July 2019

We live in 'interesting times'...
After a short summer break, we return to 'normal' service with an XXL edition of facts, tools and inspiration to tackle what may come next - after all, extreme seems to be the new normal now...

📣 More Than Robots Meet Up / October 11

The next digital participation meet up will be on Friday 11th October, very kindly hosted by DCMS


Places are very limited and we usually get full pretty quickly so please register as soon as you can
If you would like to speak please get in touch now

🎉This will be our TENTH meetup! Thanks to all who have helped get us this far!

📖 Research

The Good Childhood Report / The Children's Society
An estimated 250,000 10-15-year-olds may be unhappy with their lives / Boys are becoming less happy with their appearance / Report summary for young people

The Rip-Off Games: How the new business model of online gaming exploits children / Parent Zone
76% of 10-16-year-olds who play online games say that the games try to get them to spend money all the time

Girls Attitudes Survey / Girl Guiding
45% of girls and young women aged 11-21 feel they need to check their phone first thing in the morning and last thing at night

Youth Sexting in the US / Cyberbullying Research Center
Approximately 13% of students reported that they had sent a sext, while 18.5% had received a sext

Online Safety Education / Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology
'An overview of how children use the internet, and what opportunities and risks this presents'

Education in England: Annual Report 2019 / Education Policy Institute
'The most persistently disadvantaged pupils are almost two years (22.6 months) behind all other pupils by the time they finish their GCSEs'

Keeping Children Safe Online / Nominet / NPC
'We need an evidence based, systems change approach to help parents, teachers and carers create a community of support around children'

📎 Resources

Social Media Test Drive / Cornell Social Media Lab
An online tool that 'lets young people practice digital citizenship skills in a simulated, realistic social media environment'

Participation Strategy Exemplar / Council for Disabled Children
What a good participation strategy should include. Co-produced with children and young people

Get Bad News / DROG
Become a fake news creator in a simulated game for students / There is also a pro-version for adults

Safety by Design / eSafety Commissioner for Australia
An initiative that 'places the safety and rights of users at the centre of the design, development and deployment of online products and services'

OutRight / Unicef
Empowering children and young people to realise their own rights, and to speak out in support of others

📆 Events / Invitations

Digital Families 2019: Wellbeing in a Connected World / Oct 9 / Parent Zone

💬 Inspiration and opinion

The Scientific Debate Over Teens, Screens And Mental Health
'Why should the average parent worry about this scientific controversy? Because...when parents simply demonize phones, "there's less of a communications channel"'

Social media policy labs
'What works well in creating and supporting digital and social media organisational policies when working with vulnerable children and young people?'

How YouTube Radicalized Brazil​
'Members of the nation’s newly empowered far right say their movement would not have risen so far, so fast, without YouTube’s recommendation engine'

The story of emoji
'Think of illuminated manuscripts – there's always been a desire to embellish written text with images'
Bonus: How do people with visual impairments use emoji?

Connecting with stories of kindness
'To mark the 200th anniversary of the death of Henry Harpur, dubbed the ‘Isolated Baronet’, HumanKind aims to challenge the stigma around modern-day loneliness, by opening up spaces for conversation and reflection'

...and finally
If you've relapsed after your summer digital detox, this may be the extreme thing you're looking for

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