🌪More Than Robots #24 /December 2019

This edition is lighter than usual as we have been busy onboarding two new members of the More Than Robots team.

We are very lucky that Grace and Robyn have chosen to join us - what they lack in experience they more than make up for in curiosity and energy. They have been quite vocal about the existing strategy and have already implemented some bold new changes. We look forward to more developments from 'The Grobyn' soon.

📖 Research

Growing Up in a Connected World / Unicef
Data on internet use among nearly 15,000 internet-using children in 11 countries across Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia and Latin America.
“We often hear so much about the risks associated with children using the internet, but less about how we can build their online resilience and digital skills,” Further commentary

📎 Resources

Know the Stakes / Parent Zone
A new resource pack for parents, carers and professionals to support young people to stay in control of their finances and understand the risks of gambling

Own It / BBC
New app that 'provides a helping hand to your child when they receive their first smartphone, supporting their digital wellbeing, showing them how to make smarter and better-informed choices and helping them grow into confident, positive and happy digital citizens'

Give`Joy /Children's Society
Donate a gift to a child in need in London or Birmingham, and The Children's Society will deliver it!

🗳 Take part

Vacancy: Chair of Trustees at Sound Connections / Deadline Monday 6 January 2020
Sound Connections develops, enables and empowers young Londoners through high quality music-making opportunities.

💬 Inspiration and opinion

Floating cities, wooden bikes, smart glasses. The 2010s as seen by futurologists
"Technology, as the saying goes, is stuff that doesn’t work yet"

...and finally
Whether it's the elf on the shelf or a Santa spy cam -  normalising surveillance is the gift that keeps on giving

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Jamie Larson