🔮More Than Robots #25 / January 2020

We can't predict the future, but there are plenty of signs as to how this decade might go
So, as we head into the great unknown, here are few things that might help light the way

📖 Research

Skins in the Game / RSPH
55% of young people believe that playing a mobile or video game could lead to a young person gambling

Violent video game engagement is not associated with adolescents' aggressive behaviour / Andrew Przybylski & Netta Weinstein
'Despite the null findings... history gives us reason to suspect the idea that violent video games drives aggressive behaviour will remain an unsettled question for parents, pundits and policy-makers'

Family news literacy report / National Literacy Trust
50% of parents are worried about the impact of fake news and misinformation on their children’s lives and 52% believe their children do not have the skills to spot it

Direct and indirect links between children’s socio-economic status and education / University of Cambridge
'Socio-economic status acts as the great unequaliser through its direct relations with all developmental outcomes'

📎 Resources

STAR SEN toolkit / Childnet
Advice and activities to explore online safety with young people who have special educational needs in Key Stage 2 and 3

#RESET Mental Health Programme / Nominet
A new programme to build capacity and improve digital services for young people's mental health

Disinformation Annotated Bibliography / University of Toronto
A handy reading list on digital disinformation

Trust and transparency design prototypes / TTC Labs
Examples of how we might design for better age verification, privacy and data protection

💬 Inspiration and opinion

4 resolutions for 2020, a pivotal year for Internet safety​
'The industry can’t reach [these] goals and avoid unintended consequences without the input of children, caregivers, educators and researchers'

Draft Online Harm Reduction Bill
'A high-level framework to regulate systems operating online that may give rise to harms'

Meet the wannabe kidfluencers struggling for stardom
“Hi guys, and welcome back to my channel!” they all say, like some kind of invocation to the internet gods'

From the Old Way to the New Way: how a wellbeing economy will respond to issues differently
'The current economic system responds to the common needs of humanity and the planet in ways that do not address the heart of problems and do not make life better for all'

How the talking book was born
'“The era of long play for the sighted had not yet dawned, so we had to go into it on our own”. So blind people got to listen to LP records over a decade before everyone else'

...and finally
Whilst some people are creating national borders online, others are creating borderless nations online

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Jamie Larson