🧟‍♂️More Than Robots #27 / March 2020

“I’m playing Xbox so much I don’t really have time to watch Netflix.” William, 15

Time continues to March on - However, all the signs feel quite apocalyptic at the moment - so here is a bumper collection of Spring fresh and evergreen ideas that may offer new hope for an alternative future

📆 More Than Robots Meet Up / May 1

After a short break to accommodate the new arrivals, the next digital participation meet up will be on Friday 1st May, very kindly hosted by Parent Zone


Places are very limited and we usually get full pretty quickly so please register as soon as you can

If you would like to speak please get in touch now

📖 Research

Children's Media Lives / Revealing Reality / Ofcom
'The line between the general public and online influencers was increasingly blurred; some children were more likely to post content mimicking influencers'

Health Behaviour in School-aged Children / HBSC
82% of young people find it easy to talk to their mother about things that bothered them, 64% said the same about talking to their father

Understanding citizens' data literacies: thinking, doing & participating with our data / University of Liverpool
Six user types based on the activity they undertake online: Extensive Political Users, Extensive Users, Social and Media Users, General Users, Limited Users and Non-users

Children and parents media use and attitudes / Ofcom
'Between the ages of nine and ten, smartphone ownership doubles from 23% to 50%'
67% of parents seek advice about online issues from schools, 45% from friends and 21% from websites

The Longitudinal Association Between Social-Media Use and Depressive Symptoms Among Adolescents and Young Adults / Brock University
'Social-media use did not predict depressive symptoms over time. However, greater depressive symptoms predicted more frequent social-media use among adolescent girls'

Child Online Safety: Minimizing the Risk of Violence, Abuse and Exploitation Online / Broadband Commission
'Stakeholders should commit to establishing a senior position, or a team, dedicated to integrating the principles of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child into the organization’s operating model'

📎 Resources

Calm Cards / Stem4
Cards designed to help young people manage the urge to self-harm. A new, offline version of the popular app

Rethinking Youth Recruitment / Reclaiming Digital Futures
Resources and guidance that 'explore diverse recruitment strategies around digital learning'

This is How / Nominet & Livity
Quiz and podcasts to help young people find what roles in digital might be right for them and the skills they need

Digiworld / Parent Zone / Telenor
The popular international digital resilience resource has been updated with a new teacher hub and advanced lesson plans

We are here: A child participation toolbox / Eurochild
Tools and exercises that 'help children and adults prepare for their roles in a very practical way'

FamiNum / SIC
An app that provides a 'fun and customizable way to create a family charter in 5 steps' [in French]

💬 Inspiration and opinion

Artificial Intelligence and Public Standards
“Public sector organisations are not sufficiently transparent about their use of AI and it is too difficult to find out where machine learning is currently being used in government"

Can We Realise Children’s Rights In A Digital World?
"Should we wait for more and better evidence, or should the ‘precautionary principle’ prevail?"

Filter out male privilege, and the web can be a ghost town
"While the gender gap is affecting what we read online, the algorithms at play are perhaps an even deeper-seated issue in the digital world"

Decolonizing the Internet: What is it about?
"75% of the world’s online population is from the global South, and 45% of all women in the world are online. At the same time, we know that content online remains heavily skewed towards rich, Western countries"

The Nuclear Family Was a Mistake
"All forms of inequality are cruel, but family inequality may be the cruellest. It damages the heart"

😷...and in the end...
Covid-19 highlights the opportunities of disaster capitalism, how we might humanise extreme care and how staying healthy, if you are able to, is an act of kindness

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