🙃More Than Robots #28 / April 2020

“Living, being in the world, was a much greater and stranger thing than she had ever dreamed.” Ursula K Le Guin

The world seems upside down.
Being together might kill us - but staying together is the only thing that will save us.

In a normal edition of More Than Robots, I could share many examples of isolation, togetherness and care. I could highlight how schools might deliver remote learning with free resilience resources, how a crowdsourced survival manual can be made, how charities can get help to deliver their services online or how collaborations have formed. I could raise awareness about the lack of digital access for people and how devices might be made available, how children in care are losing contact with families and how isolation disproportionately impacts women and children with support needs. I could share how young people are feeling, why their views matter and how their voices might be heard. I could share opinions on what all this might mean for the future for schools and the services we deliver.

I could share all that kind of stuff. But I won't.
These are not normal times - so this can't be a normal edition of More Than Robots.

Like me, you have probably been very online recently. Even more updates, opinions and guides may not be the droids you are looking for. So, rather than share more about how we are fighting - here are a few reminders of what we are fighting for...

Children and other animals

How to make stuff
How to be with others
How to stay together
How to look at pigeons
How to greet your friends


How to make a public information broadcast
How to get better by signing
How to imagine a different world
How to say no thanks
How to write


How to pray
How to enjoy the little things
How to wait
How to cope with adversity

...and finally
When you have scrolled to the end of everything there is always this

Normal service will resume shortly...

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Jamie Larson