🍄More Than Robots #34 / October 2020


October is a mushroom month. Darker days punctuated with unexpected growth.
Here are a few foraged finds that may help keep us connected.

📆 More Than Robots Autumn Meet-Up  / Oct 23

The next meet up is on Friday, October 23rd 10.00 - 12.00
Topics include:

Visualising trends in children’s services data
Assessing Online Safeguarding of Children and Young People
Live Streaming: A new economy of connection
Teens, Sexting and Risks
Life in London for Generation Z
...and more


📖 Research

Covid-19 news and information: consumption and attitudes / Ofcom
'TikTok has been a big winner of lockdown. Houseparty’s success on the other hand appears to be short term'

Machine learning in children's services - does it work? / What Works
'We do not find evidence that the models we created using machine learning techniques ‘work’ well in children’s social care. In particular, the models built miss a large proportion of children at risk' / More: Learning from cancelled systems

The Ripple Effect: Covid-19 and the Epidemic of Online Abuse / Glitch
'46% of respondents reported experiencing online abuse since the beginning of COVID-19. This figure increased to 50% for Black and minoritised women and nonbinary people'

A Systematic Review of the Evidence Supporting Mobile‐and Internet‐Based Psychological Interventions For Self‐Harm / Usman Arshad & Farhat‐ul‐Ain et al
'Limited evidence to support the effectiveness of mobile- and internet-based interventions to address suicidal thoughts and behaviour for both adolescents and adults' / Further analysis

The impact of “nudges” in online discussions / Open Web
34% of users edited their comment following a nudge. Community safety rates increased by 5%-6% / More: The effects of social media comments on viewers’ body image perception

📎 Resources

Online Sexual Harm Reduction Guide / MCF & NWG
Information about what online harm is, the specific issues facing young people, and ways professionals can effectively engage with young people and their families

International Collective of Children’s Digital Books / University of Stavanger
Resources, recommendations and research on best practice when designing digital books for children

Digital Resilience Hub / UKCIS
An open framework, case studies and resources to help organisations embed a digital resilience approach into their services

The “10 Cs” framework / PCFSW
Overview of an 'evidence-informed and systematic approach to assessing online risks and resilience'

🗳 Take Part

Youth Voice Week / Oct 5 - 9
Highlighting the importance of listening to young people and involving them in shaping the future of the creative sector

Your Digital Family / Oct 14
An online event, helping families enjoy a more positive digital life. Organisations can apply to receive training and tools to host a YDF event - and £1,000 funding to support their involvement

Policy Guidance on AI for Children / Oct 16
Consultation on recommendations for building AI policies and systems that uphold child rights

Digital parenting week / Oct 26 - 30
A new innititaive encouraging organisations to say 'thanks to parents'

Teacher Development Fund / Nov 20
How can blended digital & face to face delivery enhance teacher CPDL in arts-based learning? £150K for arts/cultural organisations and school partnerships

💬 Inspiration and opinion

The role of digital technologies in relation to children’s well-being
'Whilst it seems near scandalous that there remains work to be done in terms of understanding and assessing the well-being of young people, we may know even less about how to flourish digitally'

Co-production with care-experienced young people during lockdown
'We discovered that remote walks, just like face to face walks, are a really good way to encourage conversation and relieve social anxiety'

Battling Trolls, Goblins and Structural Sexism: How the Period Emoji Ended up on your Phone
'It’s not just the fact that there is now a blood drop emoji - that was a big win. Perhaps an even bigger win was the two years of conversations that happened around the campaign'

The value of uncertainty
'Understanding our own relationship with uncertainty has never been more important, for we live in unusually challenging times'

...and finally
When bake-off meets the Zooniverse meets twitter it makes for a great museum exhibition

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Jamie Larson