🌊More Than Robots #35 / November 2020


'Beech leaves, that yellow the noontime, Float past like specks in the eye;' - Thomas Hardy

'Groundhog Day' seems like an oracle these days. In a world of bubbles, tiers and waves here are a few bright and buoyant things to keep us afloat.

📖 Research

How lockdown restrictions have affected family and working life / Parent Zone
32% of parents say that their child’s mental health and wellbeing has deteriorated since lockdown started

Mental Health of Children and Young People in England, 2020 / NHS Digital
16% of 5-16-year-olds were identified as having a probable mental disorder in 2020, increasing from 10.8% in 2017. The increase was evident in both boys and girls

Online harms: A snapshot of [adult] public opinion / Demos
53% of adults have experienced online harms. 69% of adults with children think that under 13s using social media is a "big problem for society" / Further reading and analysis

Children’s views on well-being and what makes a happy life / ONS
Children acknowledged the importance of family finances in meeting basic needs and fostering a sense of social inclusion, while stress around family finances could impact the mental health of everyone in the household

Online Harms: Supporting young people offline and online to prevent harm and build resilience / Catch 22
38% of frontline practitioners do not feel sufficiently trained to deal with online behaviour

Girls Attitude Survey / Girl Guiding
82% of girls aged 7 to 21 say it’s essential to speak out on the issues they care about. 44% aged 13 to 21 talk to people online about the issues they care about

📎 Resources

Factitious: The Covid edition / AU Game Lab
Test your media literacy skills with this fact-checking game

OIlee / Parent Zone
Aimed at 8-11 year olds and their parents, Ollee 'helps families talk about difficult topics'

The Way I See It / Google / ACE
'Celebrates and showcases the experiences and artwork of children and young people during lockdown'

Interventions for reducing violence against children / Unicef
An overview of the evidence on interventions to reduce violence against children in low- and middle-income countries

Fully Human / PSHE Association
'Exploring possibilities for a human future'. New site launching soon - register for updates

Design a Feminist Chatbot / UAL / Institue of Coding
'Learn how to design and prototype a chatbot that doesn't reinforce harmful gender stereotypes'

🗳 Take Part

General Comment on children’s rights in relation to the digital environment​ / Nov 15
Public consultation on a proposed addition to UNCRC general comments

Teacher Development Fund / Nov 20
How can blended digital & face to face delivery enhance teacher CPDL in arts-based learning? £150K for arts/cultural organisations and school partnerships

'From Discovery to Recovery' conference / Oct 27 - Nov 23
Marie Collins Foundation international conference on responding to child sexual abuse and exploitation (CSAE)

💬 Inspiration and opinion

Going digital or going bust
'2020 was to be our year of consolidation...Things haven’t gone quite to plan. What happens when necessity becomes the mother of invention'

Four global trends which may shape how citizen data is used in the future​
'Digital technologies as a whole are thought to be responsible for around the same level of carbon dioxide emissions per year as the aviation industry'

Learning from Lockdown: 12 Steps to Eliminate Digital Exclusion​
'What it means to be truly digitally included will shift over time. We need ambition and recognition that tackling digital exclusion needs sustained intervention, resourcing and attention'

A brief history of the web
'It was hard to explain, difficult to demo, and had overly lofty ambition'

...and finally
Continuing our sporadic series of 'what if life is a computer game' here's a view on what happens when it's Game Over

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Jamie Larson