🕹More Than Robots #37 / January 2021


"Watch out for that first step. It's a doozy!" - Ned

It's a new year - or maybe it's just the same one but with difficulty the level set to 'extra' - here are a few things that may help with that first step - again...

📆 More Than Robots Meet-Up - February 19th

The next meet up is on Friday 19th February 10.00 - 12.00 - via Zoom.
Presentations include:

  • From Wifi Connections to Human Connections - The Children's Society
  • Lessons from blended co-production with care experienced young people - Barnardos
  • The Brain Story programme - NSPCC

...find out more
If you would like to share something at the event get in touch as soon as possible

🗳 Take Part

Funding - Online Safety for Children in Foster Care Programme / 29th Jan
A new £500,000 fund from Nominet to address 3 significant areas of the online safety eco-system for children and young people in foster care and care leavers
Deadline extended: 29th January
Get full details or contact publicbenefit@nominet.uk

Meet Up - Digital Access National Network / 14th Jan
A national meet up for all interested or already involved in getting tech and wifi to those who need it

📖 Research

Quantifying Smartphone “Use”: Choice of Measurement Impacts Relationships Between “Usage” and Health / Lancaster University
'Our findings would favour addressing peoples’ appraisals about their usage rather than reducing their overall screen time, as the former relates more strongly to mental health symptomatology'

Children’s ICT use and its impact on family life / University of Vienna
'Whether the overall impact on family life is positive or negative highly depends on the combination of digital behaviours families implement in their daily lives. In addition to families, the society – including its multiple institutions – is also essential to promote digital competencies and strengthen the resilience of children and young people'

Coronavirus: vaccine misinformation and the role of social media / Kings College London
46% of 16-34-year-olds say they’ve seen or heard messages discouraging the public from getting a coronavirus vaccine

The Impact of Internet and Social Media Use on Well-Being: A Longitudinal Analysis of Adolescents Across Nine Years / Gutenberg University
'The frequency of Internet use is neither harmful nor beneficial to the subjective well-being of adolescents in the long run. Studies focusing on the impact of Internet need to consider other forms of media use and other potential confounders, e.g., self-esteem or satisfaction with friends that are important predictors of our criterion variables'

📎 Resources

Disruption and Harms in Online Gaming Framework / Fair Play Alliance
A 'catalogue of what we know about problematic in-game conduct and a guide for game developers, publishers, community managers, and anyone working in online games or gaming services to support player well-being'

PopJam Trend Report: Life in 2021 / Super Awesome
"What will be good about 2021 is being able to go to school without a mask and being able to see my friends"...

Digital Wellbeing / SWGfL
A resource that 'aims to help young people aged 11+ learn about their wellbeing and how the online world can affect it, understand their feelings and behaviour, and help them manage/improve their own wellbeing'

Increasing data allowances on mobile devices to support disadvantaged children / UK Gov
A scheme for schools to 'temporarily increase data allowances for mobile phone users so that children and young people can access remote education if their face-to-face education is disrupted'

💬 Inspiration and opinion

Safety tech - how do we design for audience needs?
'We are now at Safety Tech 2.0. Safety Tech 1.0 was about blocking, stopping and preventing. But now we’re thinking about safety tech differently - as something that promotes pro-social behaviour online, and underpins opportunities'

To regulate against online harms, we must understand both mental health and the digital environment
'While mental health is new for those long concerned with the digital, the nature of the digital is still rather new for those long experienced in the mental health difficulties of young people'

How Discord (somewhat accidentally) invented the future of the internet
'Discord has done something remarkable. It's built a space that feels unlike any other on the internet. It's not quite group chat, it's not quite forums, it's not quite conference calling. It's all of those things and none of them'

...and finally
A reminder that even Google fails sometimes

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