🦀More Than Robots #38 / February 2021


"Children’s rights shall be respected, protected and fulfilled in the digital environment" - UNCRC GC25

Now the how...

📆 More Than Robots Meet-Up - February 19th

The next meet up is on Friday 19th February 10.00 - 12.00  - via Zoom.

Presentations include:

  • From Wifi Connections to Human Connections
  • Lessons from blended co-production with care experienced young people
  • Bridging the gaps between digital policy, process and practice to improve outcomes for young people
  • Adoption connections - the journey towards digital transformation of family contact
  • COVID-19: Supporting Parents, Adolescents and Children during Epidemics (CoSpace study) latest insights
  • Children's views of online safety learning

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📖 Research

Deconstructing Mobile & Tablet Gaming / NPD
9% more two to 12s are playing games on their phones or tablets than in 2019. Two to 12-year-olds account for 17% of the total mobile gaming audience

How Community Feedback Shapes User Behavior / Stanford
'Negative feedback leads to significant behavioral changes that are detrimental to the community - [people] are more likely to subsequently evaluate their fellow users negatively, percolating these effects through the community'

Shocks, knocks and skill building blocks / Good things foundation
13.6 million people don’t have even the minimum standard of digital skills required for work. All round support, responsive to individual circumstances and needs, helps the low skilled to acquire essential digital work skills; and helps them build the digital confidence and resilience they need

Young people's mental and emotional health / Education Policy Insititute
Heavy social media use is associated with worse scores on all outcomes in girls age 14 and 17, but only worse wellbeing for boys at age 14

Learning in Lockdown / The Sutton Trust
Only 5% of state school teachers say all their students have adequate access to devices for remote learning. Parents on lower incomes are twice as likely as richer parents to find home schooling harder now than in March

📎 Resources

Building Trustworthy Products / TTL Labs
'A set of frameworks, tools and patterns to help the business and design community in developing potential solutions to data education'

BlendEd Learning / London CLC
'A programme of free professional development and resources for teachers to support blended learning pedagogy'

Interim code of practice on online child sexual exploitation and abuse / DCMS
'Detailed guidance for companies to help them understand and respond to the breadth of CSEA threats'

Poetry Health Service
'A creative service offering both contemporary and classical poetry as a tool for connection and healing'

Remote Schooling SOS / Parent Zone
Weekly series for parents featuring 'tips, tricks and hacks to improve remote-learning setup'

🗳 Take Part

A campaign calling for essential online public services to be provided free for everyone

Independent Members of the Learning & Participation Committee / Feb 22
The Royal Opera House is seeking a new learning and participation committee member with expertise in digital learning

💬 Inspiration and opinion

Making it safer online by design
'By showing people what good, and in this context, safe, design might look like, we can help build better products and services'

Content, contact, conduct and contract – updating the 4Cs of online risk
'We now recognise the power of the digital environment, and the businesses who design and promote it, to impact on children in ways that are often beyond their control'

A framework for digital resilience: supporting children through an enabling environment
'Resilience and recovery are not solely the responsibility of an individual, they are the result of collective action. A system that relies on users having high resilience is toxic'

‘I miss having a future’: a lockdown diary
“This is why I hate remote learning – everything is done on a computer and all the words eventually start looking the same”

...and finally
If lockdown is making you withdraw into your shell...you may just be evolving

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