🌈More Than Robots #42 / June 2021


"Each belongs here or anywhere just as much as the well-off, just as much as you,  Each has his or her place in the procession" - Walt Whitman

📆 More Than Robots Meet Up / July

The next More Than Robots meet up will take place via zoom on Friday 9th July 10.00 - 12.00
Presentations include:

  • Children's Code Transparency Champions / ICO
  • My Best Life / NPC
    ...more to be added soon

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📖 Research

Social media use and self-injurious thoughts and behaviors / Clinical Psychology Review
'A robust association between 'cybervictimization' and self-injurious thoughts and behaviours (SITBs). No evidence for an association between the frequency of social media use and SITBs'

Online political behaviour and ideological production by young people /DigiGen
'Digital media serve as a means of (counter)information diffusion and less as a meaningful space where political strategies can be deployed'

The Unseen Teen: The Challenges of Building Healthy Tech for Young People / Data and society
'Many tech company workers report that their companies treat adolescents’ use of their products as an afterthought'

Responding to Online Threats: Minors’ Perspectives on Disclosing, Reporting, and Blocking / Thorn
'31% of minors say they would turn to a trusted adult if sent a nude online by an adult but only 6% actually did when it happened. 67%  said they’d turn to an online safety tool in this situation, and in fact 71% did'

📎 Resources

I Know Where Your Cat Lives
A privacy awareness data visualization experiment that locates public images of cats on a map by using the coordinates embedded in their metadata

An Illustrated Field Guide to Social Media / Knight First Amendment Institute
An introduction to alternative approaches to social media featuring communities that have 'tried consciously to use different models than surveillance capitalism'

Great British Play Map
A map that 'allows families and organisations to post play-spaces so that others can enjoy them'

The XRSI Privacy Framework version 1.0 / XRSI
Standards and best practices for managing privacy in virtual and augmented reality services (XR)

A guide for young people supporting each other / Association for young people's health
Tips for young people on how to help friends in distress

🗳 Take Part

Parent Zone Research Partner Network
An open invitation to join a diverse range of stakeholders exploring ways of building systemic capacity to better support families in a digital context

💬 Inspiration and opinion

We need to design distrust into AI systems to make them safer
'All of these systems have uncertainty—none of them are 100%. And a system knows when it’s uncertain. So it could provide that as information in a way a human can understand, so people will change their behavior'

Mental and digital wellbeing: a balanced, blended approach
'While the risk of online harms is real, so is a blanket assumption that the digital environment must be removed for wellbeing to flourish'

Home Hub
'In Working From Home we see signs of the factory returning to the cottage. What has not returned is the understanding of that work as a shared function of the household'

...and finally
Whether it's work, art, exercise or 'wellness' - cubicles of horror may be the real legacy of Covid

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Jamie Larson