👨‍🎤 More Than Robots #49 / January 2022

📖 Research

'Smartphone use was negatively correlated with self-control but not correlated with consideration of future consequences'

'We have a new cohort, and they are not getting what they need. The systems have remained broadly the same, while children’s lives have changed massively, and they are struggling in different ways, including as a result of digital technologies'

'97 per cent of Catch22’s child sexual exploitation referrals have an online or social media element – with substantial increases related to online grooming and abuse'

'Current options for character customisation in virtual worlds are not sufficient or inclusive, particularly for people of colour, people with disabilities and representations of realistic body types or genders'

'Young carers were 5 x more likely than non-vulnerable teens to feel they have lost their friends due to missing school'

📎 Resources

Interactive data set offering insight into young people’s digital experiences

Lesson plans to explore the impact film and media content can have on mental health and the importance of making healthy viewing choices

Personal stories on growing up in the UK today, by BBC Young Reporters

🗳 Take part

Webinar series that connects music educators with the ideas and innovations that are likely to shape the sector in the coming months and years.

💬 Inspiration and opinion

'How will—or should—the way children play with digital media change in the future due to the current pandemic?'

'Individuals are beginning to pull at controls, add noise and generally play in the margins of these black box algorithms, using noise and distortion in Machine Learning practices as a means of inspiration, to create something unexpected rather than defined solutions'

...and finally

Your next round of pandemic panic buying may be more Call of Duty than Supermarket Sweep

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Jamie Larson