🤖More Than Robots #50 / February 2022

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Case studies, learning and opportunities from the digital/youth/inclusion venn. Topics include Taming gaming and media literacy for SEND + More TBC

📖 Research

Children's society report looks at the evidence on young people’s digital lives, including the impacts of being online and links to well-being.

'The effects were more pronounced for false political news than for false news about terrorism, natural disasters, science, urban legends, or financial information'

'While most companies use tools to detect child sexual abuse material, only 37% currently use tools to detect the online grooming of children'

'Vulnerable children experience more of the negative impacts of digital technology on wellbeing than their less vulnerable peers'

'Parental influence has a stronger impact on cyberbullying as compared to traditional bullying'

The core values of Safety Tech, and areas to watch out for during 2022.

📎 Resources

'We're here to help parents and guardians navigate the world of video games: Discover amazing games with Curated Game Lists and filter by accessibility needs'

Huge collection of resources about digital youth work including upcoming events, training and policy guidance.

Practical advice to support teachers to make computing and computer science relevant to all learners through culturally responsive teaching.

A support service for professionals who are working with children and young people who are displaying harmful sexual behaviours

An online training course designed to empower children to protect themselves in the digital sphere - available in multiple languages

💬 Inspiration and opinion

'A cool trend on tiktok i’ve seen in the past few days...using the app “polycam” to create a 3d scan of your bedroom...'

'The high costs of connectivity represent an increasingly large slice of household incomes for low-wage workers. Even though maintaining these connections has become necessary for many low-wage workers, their incomes have not kept pace'

'What can we learn from the first decades of the internet? How can we improve or rebuild the current internet so it can become less technology-dependent, less vulnerable, more robust and more resilient?

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