✊More Than Robots #5 / May 2018

May is a month of ancient traditions and modern revolutions. So, let us gather around the digital maypole to celebrate the new and the old. May the force be with you.

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Digital Participation Summer Meet Up

The next meet up will be on Friday 6th July - very kindly hosted by London CLC

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Adults Media Literacy
Ofcom’s latest research into adults’ media literacy: internet users aged 16-64 in DE households more likely than those in ABC1C2 to be solely reliant on a smartphone to access the internet (20% vs. 7%), and twice as likely to use up their monthly data allowance (20% vs. 11%)

Analyzing youth digital participation: aims, actors, contexts and intensities
A youth-focused analytical framework, applicable to a wide variety of youth digital participation projects

Global Social Media Use
All the latest data for internet, social media, mobile, and e-commerce use from around the world.
Also read: what the numbers tell us

10 words we should stop using or limit use of with patients and/or their families
A crowd-sourced list of the phrases people find most annoying/unhelpful in healthcare participation

Data for public benefit
New research from Carnegie UK Trust and Involve which examines how public services define public benefit and risk with regards to data sharing

People, Power and Technology: The 2018 Digital Understanding Report
DotEveryOne research explores 'the UK public’s understanding of technologies and exposes where the gaps lie'


Consent: Real Talk -  Bish
Prompt cards for RSE discussions
Becoming an eSports Professional - ParentZone
Information and advice for parents/carers of aspiring gamers

DIY Access Guide - Attitude is Everything
Practical tips on improving deaf and disabled people's access to live music

16,000 Sound Effects - BBC
A fantastic name for a band and every sound you may ever need - FREE

GDPR Consent forms - Mailchimp
Handy email templates for GDPaaaaaaaagghhh!

Inspiration and opinion

On the cultural value of memes
'The thing that can be missing from text-based interactions is empathy. The right kind of meme, however, speaks using images, words, but also to something else that a group have in common.'

What’s turning girls off computer science?
'Compared with ICT, computing has been chosen by fewer girls, black pupils and pupils entitled to free school meals – groups which were already less likely to participate in computing-related studies than their white male peers '

It's 40 years since the first spam email was sent. Here are 5 things you didn't know about junk email
'Spam accounted for around 60% of all emails sent in 2017 '

Play Moods – a Language for Play Experiences
'To be in play is to explore what it means to be human '

Why We Should Invest In Young People’s Digital Skills
'There continues to be a pervasive assumption that growing up in a ‘digital age’ has given today’s young people the innate ability to safely, securely and productively navigate the online world.'

...and finally
Workers of the world ...and beyond unite!

More or less?

This is all still an experiment - it would be really good to get your feedback or ideas on how to improve. Please drop me a line or message me on twitter

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