🏠 More Than Robots #4 / April 2018

Sorry this update has been delayed. Easter and moving house took over a bit. However, with all the data 'sharing' going on at the moment you probably knew all that already... Hopefully, unboxing these new links and re-discovering some old treasures will be worth your wait.

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My Best Life: Priorities for digital youth
Young people facing multiple disadvantages were asked about how tech could help them

Gender differences in the associations between age trends of social media interaction and well-being among 10-15 year olds
'High levels of social media interaction in early adolescence have implications for well-being in later adolescence, particularly for females.'

Changing the world through Arts and Kindness
The links between arts, wellbeing, resilience and citizenship

The effect of place and space on patterns of participation in libraries and leisure centres
How and why people choose to visit public spaces and services in their community

Contextual Safeguarding: An overview
Understanding, and responding to, young people’s experiences of significant harm beyond their families - recognising the different relationships that young people form in their neighbourhoods, schools and online


iReporter - BBC
Fantastically well made choose your own adventure game to explore 'fake news' and develop critical skills

Digital Parenting Magazine - Parentzone
Free print magazine for families and carers on all things digital

8 Day Data Detox
'In just 30 minutes a day, you'll be well on your way to a healthier and more in-control digital self.'

Digital Story Tools
A handpicked list of tools and resources to help you build your digital story

Copyright free music for your video projects - created by Artifical Intelligence

Bucket VR
DIY virtual reality community arts...in a bucket

Inspiration and Opinion

Accountability in the digital age: Imagining an internet regulator
An open consultation by Dot Everyone on what internet regulation could/should be like. Also on the theme of regulation: Harm Reduction In Social Media – A Proposal and Use our personal data for the common good

Experimental Culture: a horizon scan
What is the future of arts and culture?

The Decline of Play and Rise in Children's Mental Disorders "By depriving children of opportunities to play on their own, away from direct adult supervision and control, we are depriving them of opportunities to learn how to take control of their own lives."

Ten things I wish I had known ten years ago
Lessons learned from championing digital projects

Who’s to Blame When a Therapy Bot Goes Wrong?
“When human loneliness becomes a source of income for others through devices we’d better stop and think about the place of human needs in the real world of technology.”

Last chance...

NotWithoutMe - Carnegie UK Trust
Investment and support available for organisations working with young people to explore and address digital exclusion - Deadline April 30

...and finally
Next time someone asks you to 'make it go viral' simply pull out your collection of sheep units...

More or less?

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