More Than Robots #66 June 2023

Tell them that I stood in line and I waited - June Jordan

According to the AI prophets, the outlook is either brilliantly bright or cataclysmically dark. So here are a few things that find their way between.

📖 Research

Social Media and Youth Mental Health

We cannot conclude that social media is sufficiently safe for children and adolescents

Anti-social Media

Some disadvantaged children are seeing violence, sexual content and sometimes illegal material on Snapchat, often daily. And their experiences are a far cry from most people’s perception of an app where kids send silly messages and pictures

Video Games Research Framework

A best-practice tool for research into video games to improve understanding on how video games have impacted individuals, consumers, communities, industries and societies

Generative AI as a Vector for Harassment and Harm

Generative AI allows for both the automatic creation of harassing or threatening messages, emails, posts, or comments on a wide variety of platforms and interfaces, and its rapid dissemination

Connection Brokers

How educators work within and between social networks to cultivate community digital resilience to support children with disabilities using the Internet

Health Advisory on social media use in Adolescence

10 recommendations to ensure that teens develop healthy social media practices

🧰 Resources


30 Free Micro:Bit kits for every primary school

Inoculation Videos

Short videos designed to ‘inoculate’ people against misinformation

A Content Moderation Game

A game to test your content moderation skills

Obscene Wealth Simulator

What would you do if you woke up with the resources of the UK's billionaires at your fingertips?

💡Inspiration and opinion

AI and Creative Learning: Concerns, Opportunities, and Choices

Some uses of AI systems will constrain learner agency, focus on “close-ended” problems, or undervalue human connection and community

The Power of Participatory Projects: Public Media and Gen Z

[We’re] actively asking young people for what they authentically think. And that act of listening… in the long term [changes] the workforce, the industry, the perspectives that are being highlighted as valid.

Libraries: Past Present and Future

Our job has always been to be the bridge between people and information – whatever the technology

…and finally

AI is eating the world - including your camera

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Jamie Larson