More Than Robots #67 July 2023

No one belongs here more than you - Miranda July

Some say that life is a journey with one destination, if so then here are some sights and signposts for the ramble.

📖 Research

Financial Sextortion

Nearly two-thirds of teens and young adults, in six countries, said they or their friends have been targeted in online “sextortion” schemes

Future Technology and Media Literacy: The metaverse

If the metaverse provides the same kind of societal change that the advent of the internet did, how do we minimise the risk that some users are left behind? See also Children likely to spend 10 years of their lives in VR

Addressing the distribution of illicit sexual content by minors online

Large networks of accounts that appear to be operated by minors are openly advertising self-generated child sexual abuse material (SG-CSAM) for sale.

Exploring the Darkverse: A Multi-Perspective Analysis of the Negative Societal Impacts of the Metaverse

Diminishing reality may prove to be one of the most pressing challenges associated with the emerging metaverse.

Children’s perspectives on 'Self-generated' sexual material online

Children, especially girls, expressed that the content and architecture of social media environments drives and facilitates the creation and sharing of ‘self-generated’ sexual material

Digital Inclusion in Libraries in England

“Every session isn’t just about digital inclusion,it’s about their whole inclusion in life.”

🧰 Resources

Find a grant

Easily search for government grants

Voice Box

The international content platform by young people for young people

FLARE blogs

Blogs posts written by disabled children on issues that matter to them.

💡Inspiration and opinion

Machine Unlearning: Its nature, scope, and importance for a “delete culture”

Our newborn deletion culture concerns what information can, and if so, ought to be made unavailable in principle

A group of 1970s campus librarians foresaw our world of distributed knowledge and research, and designed search tools for it

Many of the original concepts for search emerged from library scientists focused on the accessibility of documents in time and space

How the Vape Shops Won

When a type of product has yet to be standardized through commoditization, lots of suppliers can make many different things and thrive simultaneously

…and finally

Never mind the machine learning - here’s the adversarial attack

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Jamie Larson