📦 More Than Robots #73 January 2024

“Maybe tommorow…” Littlest Hobo

More Than Robots will probably be on the move again – because, Nazis. Over the next few months there will be a change in medium – but not in message.

As a slight New Year detour – and whilst we all catch up on life post-holidays – here’s a round up of some of the most excellent newsletters that More Than Robots mercilessly magpies.

Re-visit friends or enjoy a new view and give your inbox a refresh… (Normalish service will resume soon)

Connected Learning

Rest of the world

Careful Trouble

Ribbonfarm Studio

Open Thinkering

Digital Snapshot

The Next Wave

Digital Works

Tiny Awards

Disclaimer: There are many many more not included - let me know what’s on your list…

…and finally

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Jamie Larson