👻 More Than Robots #74 February 2024

“If a tree falls in the woods..." Research, resources and ideas - a low-fi guidebook to the youth / digital / equity Venn we ramble around.

“If a tree falls in the woods..."

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Returning to normal(ish) service here are some reports, resources and ideas to act as a low-fi guidebook to the youth / digital / equity Venn we ramble around.

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📖 Research

Digital playgrounds: Children’s views on video gaming

For all forms of gaming, boys were more likely than girls to think that gaming was good for children’s health and wellbeing

Do parental control tools fulfil family expectations for child protection?

The consequences of use were mixed, with evidence of parental controls having both beneficial and adverse outcomes, limiting other outcomes or simply having no outcomes.

Does digital activity help or hinder adolescents' mental health?

People more often feel positive than negative after being online. But the negative feelings, when they happened, were more strongly related to differences in mental health

How could generative AI change early-years education?

We created three prototypes to help our experts reflect on the potential impact of this technology in the real world.

Children’s Wellbeing in a Digital World

Compared to previous years, children’s developmental, emotional and social experiences have improved

The International State of Safety Tech 2023

The Safety Tech sector has witnessed a staggering investment surge, with firms raising $4.8 billion between 2021-2023, almost tripling investment in just three years

One Click Away: a study on the prevalence of non-suicidal self injury, suicide, and eating disorder content accessible by search engines

An assessment of 37,647 individual search result links across all five search engine platforms, found that 22% of links contained content that celebrates, glorifies, or instructs self-injurious behaviour.

The impact of generative artificial intelligence on socioeconomic inequalities and policy making

While generative AI has the potential to expand access to and content of information, it also raises significant challenges such as market anticompetitive advantages, data misuse, data poisoning, misinformation proliferation, and altered human-machine interactions,

🧰 Resources

Free inclusive stock images

A list of sources for free-to-use images that are more inclusive than generally found elsewhere

SEN/D Media literacy resources

Media literacy education tools that are accessible for children and families with SEND – and adaptable for those that teach and work with them.

Matriarchal Design Futures

A non-capitalistic, non-hierarchical pedagogical framework centering the practices and values of caregiving and nurturing, which holds for all identities: for caregivers, mothers, those who are not mothers, women, men, and nonbinary alike

💡Inspiration and opinion

What the dumbwaiter hides

the geographic distance of globalised capitalism allows us to shield ourselves from the unpleasant parts of our supply chains, that we would rather pretend didn’t exist

Raging against the machine: artists fight back against AI with data poisoning

If data poisoning is indeed the ‘next big threat’ in cybersecurity, we can expect industry to devote a lot of energy towards mitigations in 2024

Follow the money - protecting young people from online financial harms

The data we have raises important questions about the nature of online financial risks that young people regularly experience and what is being normalised.

…and finally

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