⏱More Than Robots #15 / March 2019

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📖 Research

Switched On: Exploring the challenge of adequate digital access for all children and young people / Carnegie UK Trust
Young people who are already at a disadvantage are most likely to lack digital access, further widening the social inequality gap

Peer Social Norms Influence Children’s Risk-Taking Decisions /  University of Guelph
Peers significantly impact school-age children’s risk-taking decisions

Vulnerable Children in a Digital World / Youthworks & Internet Matters
Being in any of the five vulnerable groups significantly predicted a higher overall score for 'High Risk Online Experiences'

Is there a ladder of children's online participation? / Unicef
Most children do not commonly undertake many of the civic, informational and creative activities that are heralded as the opportunities of the digital age

Social Media, Social Capital and Adolescents Living in State Care / Centre for Research on Children and Families
Social networks need to be viewed as an important resource for psychosocial support and that the risks shift as young people mature and progress towards independence / Further commentary

📎 Resources

Roo: a chatbot that answers questions about SRE
A great mobile service from Planned Parenthood to provide information and advice for young people

The cultural learning evidence champion’s handbook
A handy guide for getting to grips with the ‘evidence agenda’ in arts and cultural learning

FREE cross-curricular news literacy project for 9 to 11-year-olds

Language that cares
Children with experience of care rewrite adult LAC jargon to be more meaningful and human centred

Story Time
A fun way for KS 1 & 2 children to learn about internet safety - available in multiple languages

📆 Events / Invitations

Funding: Incubate, Accelerate, Amplify / Open Now

Call for submissions: General Comment on children’s rights in relation to the digital environment / May 15

How safe are our children? Growing up online 2.0 / June 25 - 26 / NSPCC

Digital Families 2019: Wellbeing in a Connected World / Oct 9 / Parent Zone

💭 Inspiration and opinion

Apps can put therapy in the palm of your hand. But what happens when they go haywire?
'We know now that any treatment robust enough to have a positive effect has the potential to have a negative effect, too. We also know that new technology is subject to the law of unintended consequences'

Education for the robot economy
'If the knowledge economy demanded schools help produce measurable quantities of human capital, in the robot economy schools are made responsible for helping the production of ‘human-computer capital’

This Is How Your Fear and Outrage Are Being Sold for Profit
'We have inadvertently created a media system that monetizes many of our flaws'

More than robots
'Perhaps our best defence against the dark arts of the robots is dance… '

...and finally
How robot selfies can create AI-Existential poetry

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